Why Mulcher Teeth “Base” Is Crucial

Why Mulcher Teeth “Base” Is Crucial

While talking about mulcher teeth, the most mentioned part is the carbide tip. But what most people fail to understand, especially the newbies, is that the “base” of the teeth is also critical in the overall performance of the teeth. In most cases, you will find out that the base is made from a different kind of material such as forged or high-quality alloys of steel. There is a reason why these materials are the most recommended.

There are several reasons why the base of the mulcher tooth is crucial. Most of these reasons rotate allowed the effectiveness of the teeth in various mulching conditions. We are going to look at the main reasons why you should take the condition of the teeth of the base seriously. Check out the following:

Teeth Strength

Mulcher attachments are powered by the prime driver for the machine to work. The prime mover or the power source generates pressure which is exceptionally high to clear the vegetation. If the base of the teeth is not strong enough to withstand the pressure exposed to it, then the teeth are likely to break. Therefore, you need to check the rigidity of the base to ensure that you are getting the right teeth. Teeth rigidity is about the strength of a tooth to withstand high pressure produced by the power source. Therefore, make sure that you’ve checked the material used and the design. Blocky teeth are highly recommended for tough conditions.

Support to the Carbide Tip

Although the carbide shank is the main cutting part, they highly depend on the base to the teeth. In an ideal situation, a huge amount of heat and pressure is produced at the tip of the teeth. The heat produced at the carbide should be removed quickly to ensure that it does not destroy the carbide teeth. The only that you can ensure that this heat is drained away is by having a good teeth base. The steel must be of the highest quality to transfer the heat efficiently. The base must also absorb the pressure  produced at the tip of the teeth. That is how support of the teeth carbide tip is achieved.

These are two reasons why the base of the mulcher teeth is a critical factor to consider. As a part of the teeth, it is crucial for the performance of the teeth. Therefore, if you need the teeth to work correctly, make sure that you have checked the condition of the base.

Common Weld on Carbide Teeth Applications

Common Weld on Carbide Teeth Applications

When it comes to application, weld on carbide teeth are most versatile industrial tools. They are used almost on all heavy duty industrial machines. Weld-on teeth are designed for extreme versatility and flexibility, and that is why most contractors prefer them in some conditions. But these features depends on the manufacturer that you are buying from. In this article, we are going to at some of the main application of the weld on carbide teeth. Check out some of the applications:

Foundation Drilling

One of the major areas where weld on carbide teeth is the foundation drilling. Due to their toughness, these teeth are widely applied to various drilling attachment. However, they are not only used for the demanding conditions but also the soft or loose soils. Some of the foundation drilling attachments that weld on carbide teeth are used on include core barrels and the bucket. In most cases, these two are used in foundation drilling where the soul is loose for the typical auger to deliver. The can also be used on augers for rocky conditions. In the foundation drilling, they are popularly referred to as bits weld on teeth.


Some forms of trenching such as the foundation trenching require extra powerful sets of teeth. That is what weld-on carbide teeth provide to contractors working on extremely tough trenching conditions. Weld-on teeth cutters are used on powerful trenching machines such as drilling rigs that are commonly used in foundation trenching. Their solid structures and resistance to abrasion are the main properties that make these teeth the best option for many. However, there are different types of weld-on teeth depending on the kind of trench drilling that you are doing.

Solid Waste Management

Do you know that weld on carbide teeth can also be used for the wood grinders? Well, that is true. These teeth can be used on various solid waste machines, and they are mostly used in grinding tough woods. Some of the machines that can use these teeth include tub and horizontal grinders and other heavy duty machines. Note that there are various types of weld on carbide teeth for cutting wood. You should, therefore, consult an expert to get the right one for your machine.

There are some of the main applications of weld on carbide teeth. However, these types of teeth are widely used in the construction industry and more so in the digging or drilling industry. Their solid structure and strength are some of the key properties that make them popular.

Benefits of Skid Steer for Bobcat auger

Benefits of Skid Steer for Bobcat auger

While drilling, one of the critical things that you must get right is the driving component or the power source for your auger. There are numerous options available, but some are more popular than others. There are two main types of auger power sources that are quite popular with operators. These are the excavator and the skid steer. However, skid steers are the most popular among the two. In this article, we are going to look at the main reasons why skid steer is the most preferred. Well, here are some of the reasons why:

Ease of Use

One of the main reasons why most people prefer skid steers is their ease of use. These machines are most like the common tractors, and thus they are not complicated to use. Compared to the excavator, they are less not challenging to work with. In fact, if you can operate the ordinary tractor, then it will be very easy to operate a skid steer. In most cases, new users can just follow simple manual instruction and operate it. You don’t need to be an expert to operate skid steer.

Flexible and versatile

Another major benefit of a skid steer is the flexibility. These are some of the few power sources that can be used for various drilling tasks. Skid steers can also support various types of Bobcat augers thus users can use the same machine for various functions. They are also extremely versatile in that they can produce various hydraulic flows. That makes it easy for the operators to use different Bobcat auger teeth without compromising on the longevity.

Low Cost of operation

Compared to other movers, skid steers are cheap to maintain. Due to the size and less complexity in design, these machines offer less challenge in operations. For instance, the amount of fuel that is used to deliver a specific output can be compared to the same amount used by an excavator for the same task. The same is seen in all aspect of the equipment compared to most of the available alternatives.

Lowe Maintenance Cost

There are numerous reasons why skid steers cost less maintain. First, it is important to note that these machines are used for light drilling tasks such as poling. That simply means that the amount of hydraulic flow produced is quite small compared to excavators and others. Therefore, if you are using Bobcat auger teeth, they are less affected by the high rate of wear and abrasion. The result is a significant reduction in the cost maintenance.

How To Manage Wear on Your FAE Mulcher

How To Manage Wear on Your FAE Mulcher

How long you enjoy the services of your FAE machine is determine whether you get value for money or. However, the useful life of mulching equipment is always under threat of the wear and tear. But the ability of the machine to be resistant against wear is what every investor look forward to. Unfortunately, wear down of the machine is something that cannot be avoided as long as the machine is working but it can be controlled. But how can you reduce wear on your FAE mulcher? Here are tips that can help you out:

Use Quality tools

The quality of tools is critical when it comes to managing wear on the machine. What operators may not know is the fact that the state of the teeth plays a considerable role in the wear down of the machine. Poor teeth result in low machine efficiency and force the mulcher to work harder to compensate for the teeth. That sets a chain reaction in the entire machine, and the result is a high rate of wear. However, investing in high-quality teeth will improve the efficiency of the machine. Less effort will need from the mulching machine and thus the rate wear and tear will reduce significantly.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your mulching machine working as if it was new,  you must maintain the condition of the wear parts. You need to keep the carbide tip as sharp as possible, and that regular maintenance is highly recommended. In ideal mulching condition, the carbide tip will attract dirt and together with the sticky matter from the tree, the buildup blocks the tip. That makes it difficult for the teeth to cut effectively and thus increased the rate of wear. On the other hand, the tip may become blunt thus failing to provide a clean cut. That is why it important to carry out regular maintenance to fix such problems.

Work Surface

Another area that promotes a high rate of wear in machine is wrong applications. Exposing the machine to conditions that it is not designed automatically increases the rate of wear. Inspecting the work surface before setting out to work is crucial. You must also use the machine for the right task. For instance, you cannot use the common Fecon mulcher teeth on rocky condition. You will damage the teeth and at the same time promote the rate of wear and tear.

The 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E Mulcher

The 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E Mulcher

Denis Cimaf continues to surprise the market with its series of mulching machines. One of the latest releases is the 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E. There are several things that the new machine is bringing to the mulching industry that is making it quite unique from the previous releases. First, the new forestry mulcher has been praised for its high productivity and second, its low cost of land clearing.  In this piece, we are going to look at some of the key features that are making Denis Cimaf DAF-180E the most talked about the mulching machine in the market. Here are the key features on the new mulching machine:


As forestry mulcher and brush cutter, 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E mulcher is designed for extreme versatility. The mulching machine can be used for a variety of land clearing tasks. With this machine, you can do forest fire prevention, pipeline, clearing for the road construction or maintenance, transmission line development and maintenance and right of way path cutting. That makes it one of the most versatile land clearing machines to have hit the market this year.

Ease of Use

Heavy machines are known to be complex when it comes to operating. However, things have been changed by the introduction of the technology in the construction of these machines. Today, most of the heavy machines’ operations have been digitized thus making the operation much easier.  Denis Cimaf DAF-180E one of the most digitized mulching machines in the market today.  It does not require much skill to learn how to operate the mulching machine. If you have been operating Denis Cimaf mulching machines, then you will find this one quite easy and comfy to the operator.

Quality Blades

The mulching machine is designed with heat-treated, bolt-on forged cutting knives that delivers maximum resistance to impact and abrasion. The company has used some of the highest grade materials for the construction of cutting blades. The cutting tip is made from tungsten carbide which is one of the best cutting materials the industry can offer. The body is constructed from a premium steel material which is best known for its incredible properties. That is evening interesting about Denis Cimaf DAF-180E is that the cutting knives can be sharpened right on the unit.

Low Operating Cost

The operation cost with this mulching machine is very low. The machine is fitted with protective rings that help in reducing the risk of damage to the knife holders. So there is fewer repairs and replacements and thus reducing the overall cost of operation.

Check Out These Areas If You Grinder Is Humming

Check Out These Areas If You Grinder Is Humming

If you have ever worked with a brand new grinder, you must have observed that they are very silent during operation. That should ideally be the condition of the grinder throughout its lifespan. But due to the wearing off of the wear parts, the machine will start making some noises with time.  It is common to hear a relatively used grinding machine humming.  However, some operators think that it is a common thing but it is not. Humming is a problem that must be fixed for that piece of equipment work properly. The question is what could be the problem if your grinder is humming? Well, these area areas check and Fix:

Cutting Wear parts

The humming of the grinder is an indication it is being overworked or its efficiency is compromised. One of the first areas to check are the cutting wear parts. That includes the grinder teeth which does the actual cutting work. In most cases, the condition of the teeth is usually the main problem. The grinder teeth could be dull or broken thus making it difficult for the grinder to work. That is the case, make sure that you have sharpened the teeth or replaced them if necessary. Loose grinder teeth is another issue that causes poor grinding and thus the humming of the machine. Therefore, ensure that all teeth are tightened regularly.

Check Transmission Belts

Another key grinder wear parts that you must check if your machine is humming is the belt connecting the engine and the wheel cutter. The belt is the main part that transfers power from the engine to the teeth. If 100 percent of the power is not transmitted to the cutting disk, then the machine will be forced to work extra harder. That will result in the humming of the machine. Worn out belt also lowers the efficiency of the machine which in turn causes results in humming. Therefore, make sure that you have replaced the belt with a new one if the condition is wanting.

Type of wood

What type of wood are you grinding? Can your machine handle the task? Are you overworking the machine? These are questions you must provide answers to, especially if the two mentioned above are not the problem. Check out if the grinder is designed hard or soft wood. That can be seen from the type of teeth installed and the capacity of the grinder engine. If the machine capacity is below what is required of the task, then it will definitely start humming. The solution is to bring a bigger grinding machine.

Secrets For Buying Ahwi Mulcher Replacement Teeth

Secrets For Buying Ahwi Mulcher Replacement Teeth

If you are experiencing a drastic reduction in production for Ahwi mulcher, there are a few things that you need to take into account as the source of the problem. One of the key areas that you need to check is the condition of the mulching teeth. In most cases, the deterioration of the teeth condition is one of the major causes of poor productivity. In such cases, then only that you restore your equipment productivity is through replacement. However, you need to be extra-careful while buying Ahwi mulcher teeth. Here are tips that will help you get the best out of teeth shopping:


One of the main things that you need to look out for is the manufacturer. One major mistake that people make is failing to check the authenticity of manufacturer while shopping for mulcher teeth. It is important to understand that there is a huge relationship between the manufacturer and the quality of the teeth. For instance, any authentic Ahwi mulcher for sale has a quality guaranteed since the company has invested in the brand. However, counterfeits and new companies in the industry could be a bad choice for you.

The Technology Used

The technology used in the manufacturing of the teeth is an important factor to take into account. That should also include the type and the grade of material that has been used to manufacture the teeth. One of the things that you should check is the welding technology used in the combining both the tip of the teeth and the body. You will notice that there are different forms of welding but brazing is the most recommended. So, if you decide to buy an OEM or from another manufacturer, then you need to find of brazing technology is the one that has been used.

Check the Versatility

One of the things that you also need to check is the versatility of the teeth you are buying. For you to get the best out of your Ahwi mulcher teeth investment, one feature that you must look out for is definitely the versatility. You must ensure that the teeth cam mulch a range of vegetation so that you don’t need to keep switching the machine or teeth now and then. If it is a forestry mulcher, make sure that you have invested in teeth that can be used for different vegetation.

With these three factors in check, you can rest assured that you will have the best Ahwi mulcher teeth. However, there are many other factors that you can put into consideration depending on the mulching needs.

Tips to Maximise on Stump Grinder Teeth Productivity

Tips to Maximise on Stump Grinder Teeth Productivity

Stumping removal is one of the major activities when it comes to the land clearing. After shredding the whole tree using the stump grinder or any other machine, you will need to have the stumps removed. That is the only way that you can ensure the land completely cleared. However, you need to have the right stump grinder and grinder parts to make the machine work effectively.  Teeth are some of the critical parts of any stump grinder parts since they determine the overall output of the machine. So how can you maximize the performance of the machine to ensure that you have gotten the best of the machine? Well here are tips on how to maximize on you stump grinder teeth productivity.

Teeth Sharpening

One of the most important things that you need to consider carefully is the sharpness of the teeth. Since they are main cutting parts, you need to keep them as sharp as you can. Sharp teeth ensure a clean cut off the stump and also reduces the power needed by the machine to remove a stump. Note that your stump grinder teeth for sale are usually in the sharpest form. But with time, the teeth will start to get dull and blunt thus reducing the productivity of the machine. Sharpen them regularly and you will enhance their productivity.

Make replacement

As the stump grinder teeth get older, they will reach a point where they cannot be repaired anymore. At that point, the teeth could be too small or blunt to deliver adequate productivity as it is required. At this, not even the sharpening can help out in restoring the condition of the teeth. That when replacement becomes the only way out.  However, you must ensure that the stump grinder teeth that you have replaced with are of the best quality.

Get the Right Teeth

One of the major mistakes that some operators make, especially the newbies is the making the wrong choice of stump grinder teeth. Note that the choice of teeth that you make has a direct impact on the productivity of the entire machine. So for any stump grinder teeth for sale that you pick, ensure that it is made from the highest grade material.

Regular Maintenance

For your stump grinder teeth productivity to be retained at the peak, you must carry out regular maintenance. That is the only that you will be able to identify a problem before it can affect the entire.

These Factors Killing Your Fecon Parts

These Factors Killing Your Fecon Parts

Your Fecon parts are designed to last for considerably an extended period. However, if you find that the rate of wear is worrying, then you have every reason to check what the problem could be. However, in most cases, you will find out that there are a few factors that could be driving the high rate of wear and tear. So, if you are operating a Fecon mulcher, what are the key factors that could increase the rate of wear of parts such as the teeth? Here are the factors that could be killing your Fecon parts:

Misuse of Fecon Mulcher

If you are not correctly using the mulching machine, then it is likely to suffer from high rate of wear and tear. In most cases, misuse comes as a result of using the mulcher in a condition that it is not designed for. For instance, if the mulcher is designed for cutting weed and other forms of vegetation that is less complicated, then exposing it too tough vegetation such as tree limbs would definitely result in high rate of wear. So check the Fecon teeth and the engine to tell the kind of vegetation that it can work on to avoid misuse.

Poor Quality Parts

You may assume it, but the quality of the parts is a critical factor in determining the rate of wear and tear. In most cases, operators are reluctant to find out the quality of the teeth and other parts. As long as the parts are selling well and they can actually work, they are good to go. But with time, the performance of the machine will start going down. It is therefore important to ensure that you have checked the quality of the Fecon teeth and other parts to ensure a longer lifespan. If you have inferior Fecon parts, then you will definitely have a problem with an increased rate of wear.

Frequency of Maintenance

How frequently do you carry out the maintenance for your Fecon mulcher? Well, repairs and maintenance are one of the things that most people don’t like doing that much. As long as the machine is working, most people would not mind to carry out regular repairs and maintenance. And that is what leads to high rate of wear and tear. So you must ensure that the machine is regularly maintained to keep the parts including the teeth in good condition.

Preventive Maintenance for Loftness Mulcher Teeth

Preventive Maintenance for Loftness Mulcher Teeth

Loftness mulcher teeth or any other mulcher teeth maintenance is crucial if your machine delivers excellent service an extended period of time. However, there are numerous ways that you can approach the maintenance issues. While some would opt to fix the broken or faulty parts, the best approach which less cost and more effective is the preventative maintenance. With this approach, the maintenance cost, especially in replacements are drastically reduced. Which are the best preventative measures for Loftness mulcher teeth? In this article, we are going to look at some of the of the best preventative maintenance tips that you can employ:

Avoid Exceeded RPM Specs

Watching the speed of your Loftness mulcher is important when it comes to teeth maintenance. One major mistake that operators commit is speeding the machine hoping to clear the job first, but this may not work well for the machine. What they fail to understand is the extent of the damage they expose the machine to and more so the teeth. High speed adds stress to the teeth, and that is likely to accelerate the rate of wear and tear. Therefore, running at a maximum speed significantly reduces the lifespan of every component in the machine. In addition, if the Loftness mulcher is operating at a very high speed, it will result in vibrations and excessive heat.

Understand the Condition

One of the major issues most operators make is failing to understand the ground conditions. You need to know what you can mulch and what you can’t mulch. Is the vegetation too thick for the mulching teeth to handle? Well, the last thing that you should do is exposing your Loftness mulcher teeth to extremely conditions. Make sure that you have gotten the right condition for the job.

Tighten Loose parts

Loose parts are some of the major problems that would accelerate the rate of wear and tear. Make sure that you have tightened any loose parts and more so the teeth and other parts such teeth holders are tightened fixed.

Inspect Regularly

How often do you inspect your Loftness mulcher teeth? Well, this is another very important prevented maintenance measure, in most cases, some of the condition leading to machine break down could have been identified earlier if often inspection was done. So you need to have the teeth other parts including the teeth holder regularly inspected so as to ensure that you have maintained a good teeth quality and a peak performing machine.