The impact of Replacing Faulty Trencher Teeth

The impact of Replacing Faulty Trencher Teeth

When digging trenches with your trencher chain, the cutting performance of the teeth will keep deteriorating with time. Although making routine repairs could be helpful in maintaining the condition of the teeth, it may not be a solution for long. After sometimes, the worn down teeth will need to be replaced for the trenching to maintain a high efficiency.

When replacing trencher teeth, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Among the many factors that you need to consider is the quality of the teeth. But what would be the expected impact of replacing faulty trencher teeth? Well, here are some of the key benefits that you will enjoy:

Improved Performance

The first thing that you will enjoy is the improved performance of the trenching machine. Note that as the teeth wear down, they losses the cutting power and that is why the performance of the machine is significantly reduced. With the replacement of the new sets of trencher teeth, the condition of machine is renewed, and the cutting performance of the chain is improved. That’s how the overall performance is increased significantly.

Increased Out

The output and the productivity is a key factor to consider when it comes to the trenching machines. It is closely associated with the performance of the machine. In the cases where the cutting performance of the machine is increased, the productivity and output of the machine are also improved. Therefore with the replacement of the old and faulty teeth, you can expect your trenching machine to increase its level of output.

Improved Efficiency

The efficiency of the machine is critical factors that determine a range of things in a trenching machine. First, it is the efficiency of the machine that determined the performance of the machine, which also affects the overall output of the machine. However, the performance of the machine is significantly affected by the condition of the teeth. Poor trencher teeth condition results in reduced efficiency of the machine. With the teeth condition improved, the efficiency of the machine is also improved.


When the condition of trencher teeth is poor, and the cutting performance is low, it is the engine of the machine that overwork to provide extra power to dig trenches. That results in high consumption of fuel. When trencher teeth replacement is done, then you will reduce the stress on the engine, and it will not be needed to work harder. That is how low fuel consumption is achieved.

Differences between Brush and Forestry Mulcher Teeth

Differences between Brush and Forestry Mulcher Teeth

Mulching is one of the most common forms of land clearing. It is widely used in the almost all industries dealing with vegetation. When it is farming, construction, and forest management, mulching is critical.  But the most common type of mulching that requires more advanced mulcher teeth and heavy duty mulching machines are the brush and forestry mulching.

However, brush clearing is lighter compared to the forestry mulching. But what are the major differences between these two machines teeth? Well, the differences are quite slight and sometimes confusing especially to the newbies in the industry. What is important to note is the intensity of the task each machine handles. Here are some of the major differences between the two types of teeth:

Strength Features

The mulcher teeth strength features are all about the cutter tool withstanding tough conditions and also delivering maximum performance in demanding conditions. Although the two machines work in relatively tough conditions, the strength of there is slightly different. For the forestry mulcher teeth, they designed and manufactured with more strength properties to enable them to handle more demanding mulching tasks such as mulching tree limbs. For the brush mulcher teeth, there are less powerful in terms of strength compared to their counterparts. That is because brushes are less tough to clear compared to tree limbs.

Quality of Materials

Another area where these two types of teeth differ is in the quality of the material used for their construction. Depending on the conditions that they are exposed to, mulcher teeth come in different qualities depending on the material that has been used for their construction. For instance, since the forestry conditions are tougher than the bush conditions, forestry mulcher teeth are designed with a higher grade of materials compared to their counterparts.

Teeth Application

There is a slight difference when it comes to the application of the two types of teeth. What some people don’t know is that these teeth can be used interchangeably in some conditions. For instance, if you are in the commercial industry, there are ways that these machines can be used to get the maximum output with minimal cost. For instance, if you have a relatively thick but young forest/vegetation, you can use a brush cutter. However, you can use forestry mulcher can be used for both brushes and forest clearing. Forestry mulcher teeth are so powerful that they can handle brushes with a lot of ease.

Advantages of Aftermarket Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Advantages of Aftermarket Fecon Mulcher Teeth

While working with your Fecon mulcher, I time will come when the performance and the overall performance of the machine will start reducing gradually. In such cases, you start experiencing a number of things. First, the rate of wear and tear will increase progressively. That will see a rise in the cost of operation. The seconding thing is the frequency repairs will increase gradually that means more money is going into the maintenance of the machine than usual.

In such conditions, what you need to replace your Fecon mulcher teeth since they are usually the problem. However, the choice of replacement matters a lot. There are various options available in the market. The best alternatives are the OEM and non-OEM tools. However, there are numerous advantages with non-OEM or the aftermarket Fecon mulcher teeth over the OEM and other alternatives in the market. Here are biggest advantages:

High Quality

Although aftermarket products have been said to be of low quality, it is not entiry the truth. The fact that there could be instances where some of the companies, especially newcomers, there are established aftermarket manufacturer who adheres to the quality code. In fact, some of the companies such as JYF Machinery have made a reputation in the market for producing similar quality products just the original manufacturer. Therefore, if you buy from a reputable manufacturer, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the top best quality fecon mulcher teeth.


Price is another advantage that aftermarket fecon mulcher teeth have over the rest of the available alternatives. There numerous that these manufacturers are able to cut on their prices and still make good money. First, they use the same standards as those used by the original manufacturer, and thus they do not invest in research. Second, some of the companies don’t have the brand they have invested. With these factors, it is very easy to cut on the cost of production and market and these benefits go to the customers.


Last but not the least is the compatibility of the fecon mulcher teeth. Most of the aftermarket fecon mulcher teeth for sale are designed with compatibility features. These are kind of teeth that can fit most of the common brands and not only Fecon mulcher. If you have a couple of brands, then you need to consider aftermarket teeth since they can be used on almost all the brands. That is an advantage that is rare to find in OEM products.

Tips for Choosing A Road Milling Machine

Tips for Choosing A Road Milling Machine

Whether it’s the construction of highways, pavements or repairs asphalt road, there are a number of factors that go into determining if the road milling machine can effectively deliver on the site you intend to work on. These are factors that make it easy to operate the machine as well as be the most productive and cost-effective choice. Here are tips that you need to consider:

Project Size

How large is the project? This is one of the key things that you need to consider when it comes to the selecting a road milling machine. The importance of checking out the size of the project is to help you get the best size of the machine that can deliver quick and better results regarding the site. If the project is big, then you need to consider bringing a bigger road milling machine to help handle the project fast. Similarly, if it is a small project in term of the size of the road and overall work to be done, then a small road milling machine would be the perfect option.

Type of Surface

The second critical thing that you need to consider is the types of surface that want to work on. There are various types of roads that you can work, and they require different types of machines to help deliver on each of them. The most common types of surfaces include cement and asphalt surfaces. These two may require different types of machine that can handle them effectively. If it is a cemented surface, make sure that you’ve selected the machine that would deliver in such conditions. However, some machines are designed to deliver on both services. Therefore, make sure that you’ve selected the available options wisely.

The Most Cost-Effective Approach

Last but not the least is the case of economics. One of the critical things that you need to do is to check is the approach that will work best for you. It is essential to check the amount of money that you are likely to use on the project and impact will have on the overall worthiness of the project. Make sure that you’ve selected the most effective and more the size of the size of the machine. The larger the machine, the more the output and vice versa. It is also important to note that large machine consumes a lot and thus may not be economical for small projects.


Why Bradco Mulcher Teeth Are Perfect for Your Land Clearing

Why Bradco Mulcher Teeth Are Perfect for Your Land Clearing

As a market leader in the manufacturing and supplying of industrial tools, Bradco continues to release a range of cutter tools to the market. The company has made a stronger foothold in supplying mulching equipment cutter tools for years now. If you are planning to clear any form of vegetation on your land, then Bradco mulcher teeth are some of the best options that you should consider for your machines.

There are numerous reason why Bradco mulcher teeth are increasing in popularity over the last few year decades. One thing that everyone should note about the company is that they have been in the market for some time. In fact, the company is one of the few companies that have been around for long in the market.  But there are a few factors that make this brand of teeth stand out from the most of brands the market. Check out the following:

Capacity to Manufacture Quality Tool: One of the most critical things that you need to look for a company is whether they have the capacity to produce the required standards. That’s a very critical thing that you should always have in mind. For the Bradco Company, they have been around for years and have invested heavily in being one of the market leaders. They have the capacity to produce some of the best mulcher teeth in the market, and that’s what they have been doing. They have also built an impeccable reputation.

Quality Mulcher Teeth: One of the critical things that you need to consider while shopping is the quality of mulcher teeth that you are investing in. But the quality of teeth goes hand in hand with the reputation of the manufacturer. Quality is what you will get from Bradco mulcher teeth. The company has over the years invested in the best quality materials for the manufacturing of their mulcher cutter tools. Their teeth are made from tungsten carbide tip and carbon alloy steel for the body. These are some of the best materials that the market can offer.

Compatibility: This is one of the key features that most contractors look for when it comes to investing in cutter tools. It is more economical to work with a set of teeth that can be used on a number of brands. That is what Bradco mulcher teeth provide. These are compatible with other brands including such as Fae and Fecon amongst others.

Therefore, when investing in Bradco mulcher teeth, these are some of the features that you will enjoy.


Useful Tips for Buying Modern Road Milling Machine

Useful Tips for Buying Modern Road Milling Machine

With the advancement of technology in the motor industry, we have seen the same in the manufacturing of the industrial machines. More tech industrial machines have been introduced into the industry. Among the most technologically improved equipment are the road milling machines. The modern road milling machine is quite easy to operate thanks to the numerous tech advancement that have taken.

If you are looking for road milling machines for sale today, there are a few things thing you must take into account committing your money. These are tech features and their impact on the machine performance. In this write-up, we are going to look at some key features that you need to look for in a modern road milling machines for sale:

Ease of Use

The ease of use is one of the key things that you need to consider when it comes to buying road milling machines. With improvement technology, things have been made and operating what was once referred to a heavy machine due to complication steps have been made easy. In fact, there are no much differences between driving a track and operating a modern road milling machine. The use of pneumatics and other features have made these machine quite easy to operate. Therefore, make sure that ease of operation is one of the key elements that you’ve looked for in these machines.


Technology has completely changed the way we knew road milling machines. These machines were extremely complicated to operate something that is not an issue today. There are numerous technological aspects you should look for on these machines. First, you need to check if their system is compatible with a mobile application. That is very critical for the machine’s security and also monitoring it through the application. With an application, you can also operate the machine from outside. Check if the display has been digitized and if there is an automated emergency stop. Last, check if there is a music system to kill boredom.

The Quality of cutter Tools

One thing that has remained constant is the cutter teeth and the entire cutting system including the cutter drum. You need to ensure that the quality and the size of the drum fits your needs. You must also ensure that the road milling machines for sale have the right teeth. Depending on the condition that you will be milling, tungsten carbide insert is the most recommended for the teeth tip. The body of the teeth should be constructed carbon steel alloy or forged alloy.


Expect This from Original Bradco mulcher teeth

Expect This from Original Bradco mulcher teeth

If you are buying mulcher teeth for your machines, the brand you plan to invest in is an important factor to consider. Bradco mulcher teeth are some of the most common brands of teeth that are highly recommended in the market due to numerous advantages they have over some of available alternatives.

However, there are various types of Bradco mulcher teeth in the market. We have the original manufacturer or OEM teeth, Non-OEM and aftermarket teeth. These three categories are very different from each other. Bradco company manufactures the original teeth while the rest are from independent companies but using the original manufacturer designers.

But the original Bradco mulcher teeth stand out from the rest due to the numerous benefits that come with. Here are some of the things that you should expect if you’ve invested in Bradco mulcher teeth:

Impeccable Performance

One of the critical advantages of Bradco mulcher teeth is their performance. You will be impressed by the quality that these teeth come with which enables them to perform incredibly well in all types of conditions. These teeth are designed with high-quality carbide shank that allows them to clear a range of vegetation with ease. The level of performance of these teeth is incredible and one of the best that you can find in the market.

High Productivity

The productivity level of Bradco mulcher teeth is unrivaled to most of the available alternatives in the market. The quality of the material used for the construction of the teeth (carbide tip and steel body) enables the teeth to cut efficiently thus enabling the mulching machine to provide maximum productivity. Therefore, with the sharp cutting carbide tip, you can expect your mulching machine to provide incredible productivity levels in various conditions.

High Durability

The grade of the carbide and steel used in the construction of the Bradco mulcher teeth is the best that the market can offer. These two materials that provides high resistance to wear and abrasion. Note that high rate of wear and abrasion are the major causes of lows longevity of the mulcher teeth. Therefore, investing in teeth that are less affected by wear and abrasion means that they can be used for a longer time. The company also uses blazing technology in making strong teeth joint for maximum versatility of the teeth. That is what you get from Bradco mulcher teeth.

Tips To Select Vermeer Stump Grinder Parts

Tips To Select Vermeer Stump Grinder Parts

With the changing market dynamics, it is becoming difficult to discern the quality of the products in the market. The infiltration of inferior industrial tools is worrying. If your Vermeer stump grinder needs part replacement, what would you do? Well, you have you have some work to do, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You have carried out the right selection to ensure that you are getting the right Vermeer stump grinder parts. Here are some of the key tips that can help you get the right grinder parts.

Types Stumps

Just like any other machine, the condition of the surface that you will be working in is critical. For the stump grinding, it is important to ensure that you have known the types stumps that you will be working on. You should know everything from nature of the stumps (hard or soft).  The condition of the stump, I.e., whether it is fresh or has been in existent for some years also a factor that will greatly inform the kind Vermeer stump grinder parts you need for the job. Without such information, you might end up buying the wrong parts.

The Material used

The material used for the construction of the Vermeer stump grinder parts is an important factor to consider, especially if you are buying used or non-OEM products. However, the choice of the material used for the construction of various Vermeer stump grinder parts depends on what you are planning to grind. If you are working on tough stumps and in high abrasive conditions, you select get grinder teeth constructed from materials that are resistant to wear and abrasive. That

Efficiency and Versatility

The efficiency and the versatility of the Vermeer stump grinder parts is another factor that you need to consider seriously. The most important parts should be the grinder teeth when it comes to versatility. That is because you will come across various types of stumps that may require different types of teeth removed. To avoid frequent switching of the teeth or to change of the grinder, you need to select cutter tools that can be used on some conditions. The grinder parts that you pick must also provide maximum efficiency to the machine.

These are three tips that can help you select the best Vermeer stump grinder parts. That is straightforward, and no technical skills are required to implement them. With these tips, even newbies can get the best quality replacement grinder parts for their machine.

How to Selecting Trencher Teeth

How to Selecting Trencher Teeth

When it comes trench digging, it is recommended that you consider the choice of the teeth seriously. That is because it is one area that most people fail badly. In fact, one of the main reasons why operators complain about the performance or productivity of the machine is due to their poor selection of the cutter teeth. However, some of the operators is just sheer ignorance while others act from lack of technical knowledge of what is right or wrong.

One thing that operators, especially the newbies, should know about trench cutter teeth is that they do vary. As surfaces vary so does the choice of the cutter tools in the market. Different conditions require different types of teeth, and that is what makes various teeth unique. However, the differences are minimal, and that can get newbies confused. Here are tips that can help you get the right trencher teeth.

Teeth Material

The best recommendation that you can get when it comes to trencher teeth is the material used for the construction. There various types of materials used in the industry for teeth making but their quality differs. However, for machines drilling and digging machines, it is recommended that you get the best quality the market can offer. That is because of most of the time; the machines can be exposed to extremely demanding conditions such as rocky soils. Steel is the most commonly used material for the trencher teeth, but it must be tipped with carbide material. But if you are trenching in extremely tough conditions, tungsten carbide and alloys of steel are the most recommended.

Check the Teeth Size

Choosing the right size in another area where most people get it wrong. Due to lack of technical expertise, most of the people end up buying wrong sizes of teeth for their trenching equipment thus making it difficult to for the machine to deliver. There are a few things that the operator should know when it comes to the size of the teeth. First is the actual length and second the diameter of the teeth. While buying replacements, you must ensure that they are of the same length/height of the teeth. You must also consider the diameter of the teeth as well since it affects the performance.

Teeth Tip

There are numerous types of teeth tips that you can choose from. They include a plug, cap and narrow bottom tips. However, they the choice should be determined by the type of conditions that you are working. If you are working in extremely tough conditions, narrow bottom tips are highly recommended.

Why Most Operators Like Heavy Duty Road Milling Machine

Why Most Operators Like Heavy Duty Road Milling Machine

Road milling is one of the most labor-intensive construction activities. That is why the kind machinery used for these works are extremely powerful compared to most of the industrial machines in the market. When it comes to the choice of the road milling machines, most people prefer to go for the heavy-duty equipment. But why is that? Well, there are numerous benefits that come with these machines which make them the best option for most of the road milling tasks.  Here are some of the reasons why it is wise to invest in a heavy-duty cold planer:

Performance Level

From the design, heavy-duty machines are made for high performance. They are designed with powerful motor drives, powerful drums and incredibly high quality cutting tools that make them extremely powerful for any milling task. The performance of these machines is therefore unrivaled with most of the alternative that the market is offering. In fact, these are the kinds of machines that can finish any piece of road milling task within the shortest time possible. That is one of the reasons why most people would opt for the machines.

Great Longevity

Another major benefit of heavy-duty road milling machines is their extended useful life. These types of machines are designed with rugged and study properties that give them incredibly high longevity features. From the body of the machine to the wear parts, these machines are constructed with high-grade materials. These are material that offers incredible properties such as resistance to wear and abrasion. Therefore, these are not the kind machines that are affected by wear, and thus their useful lifespan is exceptionally long. In fact, once you buy a heavy duty machine, you can rest assured that you will enjoy it for long.

Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance is one of the major challenges that most operators are struggling with. However, the problem can be traced from inferior quality machines and wear parts. Due with heavy duty road milling machine, the issue often repairs and maintenance are not common. Due to the quality of the machines and their wear parts, these are the kind of machines that can deliver for an extended period of time with minimal repairs and maintenance.

These are just a few of the reasons why most operators prefer heavy duty machines to the others. Although the initial cost would be high, the overall cost is extremely low compared to the service that they offer.