3 Carbide Auger Teeth Applicable Layers During Foundation Drilling

3 Carbide Auger Teeth Applicable Layers During Foundation Drilling

When to come to matters drilling and more foundation drilling, auger teeth is one of the key subjects that never goes away. From buying to the selection of the best auger teeth for the drilling task, there are various issues that one need to consider about auger teeth before committing their money. However, the most important thing that you need to look for is the versatility of the teeth. That is because there are various types of drilling surfaces and it would be great if the teeth can be used for.

High-quality carbide auger teeth are incredibly versatile in the application when it comes to drilling. One set of teeth can be used for a vast range of drilling conditions and still deliver incredibly high performance and output in the most demanding conditions. Here are some of the soil layer that carbide auger teeth can be used:

Dense Sand

While drilling, some of the toughest layers that you auger machine will find difficult to drill is the dense sand layers. That is from the fact that sand is a highly abrasive soil and thus making it difficult for the common teeth to drill. That is the reason why carbide auger teeth are highly recommended for dense teeth since they can with such conditions and still deliver incredibly high performance. High-quality carbide auger teeth are usually made from heat treated steel and tungsten carbide tip. There is the kind of material that is resistant to abrasion.

Gravels and Compact Soils

Another layer that is usually a challenge to drill is the gravels and highly compact soils. These conditions are usually associated with high rate of wear and abrasion thus making it difficult to drill using the common typical drilling teeth in the market. These layers usually require drilling cutter tools that offer incredible high strength features. That is one of the major reasons why quality auger teeth are recommended for such conditions. Carbide auger teeth are also constructed from a material that can withstand wear and abrasive conditions.

Hard Rock Condition layers

One of the areas that carbide auger teeth are widely recommended for is drilling hard rock condition layers. These are very common layers in foundation drilling and are associated high rate of wear and abrasion. Wear down of teeth due to impact is also a challenge with rocky conditions. However, carbide auger teeth are resistant to wear, abrasion and impact thus making them the best alternative in such conditions.

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