Best Practice to Increase the Life of Your Auger Teeth

Best Practice to Increase the Life of Your Auger Teeth

Although most people would argue that the lifespan of the auger teeth is a specified period of time, the most critical thing is how you are using these parts. An operator can increase the life of the auger teeth or reduce it drastically depending on how they are drilling. If you are a smart operator, there are a few ways that you can increase the life of your auger cutting teeth and the over the lifespan of the machine. Here are some of the best practices that you can employ:

Keep the Auger Head Cool

Keeping the auger head cool is one of the key practices that can help you increase the useful life if the auger head. It is common knowledge that most of the drilling, especially foundation drilling generates a lot of heat that could increase the rate of wear and tear of the wear parts. That is why it is critical to keep the auger head cools so as to absorb dispose of the heat being generated at the teeth. You achieve this by periodically removing the auger and add some water. Most of the improvised foundation drilling are designed with a water line to keep the teeth cools and also soft the soil.

Ensure the Pick Teeth Is Rotating Freely

One of the critical teeth in the drilling of the auger is the pick tooth. It is one of the most essential teeth in the drilling activities. However, it must be maintained in a way that the rotation is free and as that it can wear off uniformly. You should always check for the clogging of the teeth at the head to ensure that free rotation is achieved. It is straightforward to tell whether proper rotation of the teeth is happening or not. If you find flat spots, then there is a possibility of poor rotations. If the teeth is rotating properly, it should always look it has been in a pencil sharpener.

Always Drill Vertically

One of the major mistakes that operate makes in the drilling angle. Most people do not check the drilling angle, and they end up straining the machine and more the head of the auger. Aiming for vertical alignment is the, most recommended angle for drilling. It ensures that the auger head including the teeth are not subjected to any other load and thus helping in reducing the rate of wear and tear. That will go a long way to reducing increasing the life of the teeth.

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