Common Weld on Carbide Teeth Applications

Common Weld on Carbide Teeth Applications

When it comes to application, weld on carbide teeth are most versatile industrial tools. They are used almost on all heavy duty industrial machines. Weld-on teeth are designed for extreme versatility and flexibility, and that is why most contractors prefer them in some conditions. But these features depends on the manufacturer that you are buying from. In this article, we are going to at some of the main application of the weld on carbide teeth. Check out some of the applications:

Foundation Drilling

One of the major areas where weld on carbide teeth is the foundation drilling. Due to their toughness, these teeth are widely applied to various drilling attachment. However, they are not only used for the demanding conditions but also the soft or loose soils. Some of the foundation drilling attachments that weld on carbide teeth are used on include core barrels and the bucket. In most cases, these two are used in foundation drilling where the soul is loose for the typical auger to deliver. The can also be used on augers for rocky conditions. In the foundation drilling, they are popularly referred to as bits weld on teeth.


Some forms of trenching such as the foundation trenching require extra powerful sets of teeth. That is what weld-on carbide teeth provide to contractors working on extremely tough trenching conditions. Weld-on teeth cutters are used on powerful trenching machines such as drilling rigs that are commonly used in foundation trenching. Their solid structures and resistance to abrasion are the main properties that make these teeth the best option for many. However, there are different types of weld-on teeth depending on the kind of trench drilling that you are doing.

Solid Waste Management

Do you know that weld on carbide teeth can also be used for the wood grinders? Well, that is true. These teeth can be used on various solid waste machines, and they are mostly used in grinding tough woods. Some of the machines that can use these teeth include tub and horizontal grinders and other heavy duty machines. Note that there are various types of weld on carbide teeth for cutting wood. You should, therefore, consult an expert to get the right one for your machine.

There are some of the main applications of weld on carbide teeth. However, these types of teeth are widely used in the construction industry and more so in the digging or drilling industry. Their solid structure and strength are some of the key properties that make them popular.

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