How to Manage Wear on Your FAE Mulcher?

How to Manage Wear on Your FAE Mulcher?

How long you enjoy the services of your FAE machine is determine whether you get value for money or. However, the useful life of mulching equipment is always under threat of the wear and tear. But the ability of the machine to be resistant against wear is what every investor look forward to. Unfortunately, wear down of the machine is something that cannot be avoided as long as the machine is working but it can be controlled. But how can you reduce wear on your FAE mulcher? Here are tips that can help you out:

Use Quality tools

The quality of tools is critical when it comes to managing wear on the machine. What operators may not know is the fact that the state of the teeth plays a considerable role in the wear down of the machine. Poor teeth result in low machine efficiency and force the mulcher to work harder to compensate for the teeth. That sets a chain reaction in the entire machine, and the result is a high rate of wear. However, investing in high-quality teeth will improve the efficiency of the machine. Less effort will need from the mulching machine and thus the rate wear and tear will reduce significantly.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your mulching machine working as if it was new,  you must maintain the condition of the wear parts. You need to keep the carbide tip as sharp as possible, and that regular maintenance is highly recommended. In ideal mulching condition, the carbide tip will attract dirt and together with the sticky matter from the tree, the buildup blocks the tip. That makes it difficult for the teeth to cut effectively and thus increased the rate of wear. On the other hand, the tip may become blunt thus failing to provide a clean cut. That is why it important to carry out regular maintenance to fix such problems.

Work Surface

Another area that promotes a high rate of wear in machine is wrong applications. Exposing the machine to conditions that it is not designed automatically increases the rate of wear. Inspecting the work surface before setting out to work is crucial. You must also use the machine for the right task. For instance, you cannot use the common Fecon mulcher teeth on rocky condition. You will damage the teeth and at the same time promote the rate of wear and tear.

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