The 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E Mulcher

The 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E Mulcher

Denis Cimaf continues to surprise the market with its series of mulching machines. One of the latest releases is the 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E. There are several things that the new machine is bringing to the mulching industry that is making it quite unique from the previous releases. First, the new forestry mulcher has been praised for its high productivity and second, its low cost of land clearing.  In this piece, we are going to look at some of the key features that are making Denis Cimaf DAF-180E the most talked about the mulching machine in the market. Here are the key features on the new mulching machine:


As forestry mulcher and brush cutter, 2018 Denis Cimaf DAF-180E mulcher is designed for extreme versatility. The mulching machine can be used for a variety of land clearing tasks. With this machine, you can do forest fire prevention, pipeline, clearing for the road construction or maintenance, transmission line development and maintenance and right of way path cutting. That makes it one of the most versatile land clearing machines to have hit the market this year.

Ease of Use

Heavy machines are known to be complex when it comes to operating. However, things have been changed by the introduction of the technology in the construction of these machines. Today, most of the heavy machines’ operations have been digitized thus making the operation much easier.  Denis Cimaf DAF-180E one of the most digitized mulching machines in the market today.  It does not require much skill to learn how to operate the mulching machine. If you have been operating Denis Cimaf mulching machines, then you will find this one quite easy and comfy to the operator.

Quality Blades

The mulching machine is designed with heat-treated, bolt-on forged cutting knives that delivers maximum resistance to impact and abrasion. The company has used some of the highest grade materials for the construction of cutting blades. The cutting tip is made from tungsten carbide which is one of the best cutting materials the industry can offer. The body is constructed from a premium steel material which is best known for its incredible properties. That is evening interesting about Denis Cimaf DAF-180E is that the cutting knives can be sharpened right on the unit.

Low Operating Cost

The operation cost with this mulching machine is very low. The machine is fitted with protective rings that help in reducing the risk of damage to the knife holders. So there is fewer repairs and replacements and thus reducing the overall cost of operation.


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