The Forging manufacturing process

The Forging manufacturing process

When it comes to industrial metal construction, forging is one of the most popular processes. It is a manufacturing process that has been used for centuries for making farming tools, weapons, and other metal products. However, over the years, it has changed with a lot of improvements, especially when it comes to the source of the heat.

What is forging manufacturing process?

Metal forging is a metal forming process that is widely used for the manufacturing of machine tools. The process involves the application of forces to a work piece to deform it and achieve the desired shape and size. The process is very popular for the manufacturing of steel and iron tools, which are some of the hardest materials in the market. However, it is not limited to these two types of metal.

How Metal Forging Works

It is important to note that there are two types of forging that is being used by industrial tools manufacturers in the market today. They include hot forging and cold forging. Although both produce the same results, they are the direct opposites of each other. Hot forging used heat to crystalize the work piece while cold forging uses room temperature to have the work piece crystallized.

When the work piece reaches the crystallization level, it becomes molten, making it possible to deform it with minimal force. Once the metallic piece is crystallized, it is applied force by hitting repeatedly and rapidly to form the shape as well as the required size. The process is that simple.

Advantages Of Forging Manufacturing Process

There are many reasons why metal forging is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the market. The technique produces some of the strongest manufactured parts when compared to the alternative options in the market. Therefore, you are guaranteed to some of the strongest machine tools, especially for those working in demanding conditions such as drilling.

Forging manufacturing process also helps to seal cracks and empty closing spaces within the metal, something that makes it even stronger.  The hot forging process is one that is known to highly eliminated inclusions in the work piece. These are things that are difficult to get rid of with most of the available alternatives.

Forging manufacturing process works on very small parts to the large parts weighing up to 700,000 lbs. Apart from machine tools such as drilling bits and auger teeth, it is also widely used for other machines such as aircraft, cars and so on.

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