These Factors Killing Your Fecon Parts

These Factors Killing Your Fecon Parts

Your Fecon parts are designed to last for considerably an extended period. However, if you find that the rate of wear is worrying, then you have every reason to check what the problem could be. However, in most cases, you will find out that there are a few factors that could be driving the high rate of wear and tear. So, if you are operating a Fecon mulcher, what are the key factors that could increase the rate of wear of parts such as the teeth? Here are the factors that could be killing your Fecon parts:

Misuse of Fecon Mulcher

If you are not correctly using the mulching machine, then it is likely to suffer from high rate of wear and tear. In most cases, misuse comes as a result of using the mulcher in a condition that it is not designed for. For instance, if the mulcher is designed for cutting weed and other forms of vegetation that is less complicated, then exposing it too tough vegetation such as tree limbs would definitely result in high rate of wear. So check the Fecon teeth and the engine to tell the kind of vegetation that it can work on to avoid misuse.

Poor Quality Parts

You may assume it, but the quality of the parts is a critical factor in determining the rate of wear and tear. In most cases, operators are reluctant to find out the quality of the teeth and other parts. As long as the parts are selling well and they can actually work, they are good to go. But with time, the performance of the machine will start going down. It is therefore important to ensure that you have checked the quality of the Fecon teeth and other parts to ensure a longer lifespan. If you have inferior Fecon parts, then you will definitely have a problem with an increased rate of wear.

Frequency of Maintenance

How frequently do you carry out the maintenance for your Fecon mulcher? Well, repairs and maintenance are one of the things that most people don’t like doing that much. As long as the machine is working, most people would not mind to carry out regular repairs and maintenance. And that is what leads to high rate of wear and tear. So you must ensure that the machine is regularly maintained to keep the parts including the teeth in good condition.

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