This Is How You Enhance Your Pengo Auger Teeth Performance

This Is How You Enhance Your Pengo Auger Teeth Performance

If you feel that drilling equipment is not performing as it should, then you need to consider a number of factors that causing the problem. There are many things that you need to checkout that could be hampering the performance of your machine. One of the areas that usually affects the performance of the machine is cutter tools. These are parts of the machine that does the actual cutting of the soil to drill.

If your machine is running on Pengo auger teeth, then there are ways that you improve its performance. That is what we are going to look out for in this article. Here are ways that you can enhance your tools’ performance.

Keep Auger Teeth Clean

The first thing that you need to do to maintain a high performance of your Pengo auger teeth is proper cleaning. There are so many benefits that come with cleaning your cutter tools, especially after work. First, you will be able to remove corrosive materials that are likely to cause wear and tear of the teeth tip. That means your teeth will be able to maintain their original condition for a longer time. Cleaning also helps to remove clogs with teeth that could affect their cutting efficiency. Therefore, make sure that your auger teeth are cleaned after work if you want to enhance your performance.

Keep Auger Teeth Sharp

One of the key things that you need to consider is the sharpness of the Pengo auger teeth. If you want to hit pick performance, make sure that your teeth sharpness is maintained. It is because of the sharp teeth that the machine will be able to cut efficient, and that is how you improve the performance. Therefore, you need to have the teeth sharpened regularly to maintain consistently high cutting performance.

Do Repairs And Replacements When Necessary

No matter how careful you are, you will have to deal with faulty teeth once in a while. These are a situation that will cause your machine performance to go very low. For faulty teeth, you should have them repaired or replaced depending. However, whether to repair or replace depends on the nature of the fault. If the damages may include the breakage of the teeth, then you need to make a replacement ASAP. But for cracks, and blunts, you have your Pengo auger teeth repaired to restore the machine performance,

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