What Kind Of Trench Teeth Do You Need?

What Kind Of Trench Teeth Do You Need?

When it comes to trench digging, having the right machine for the job is the most critical thing. However, the term right machine can be defined in various aspects. However, the most aspect that should be looked at is the quality of the wear parts. If you are buying a bobcat trencher, the most important thing that you need to consider is the power of the machine and the quality of the cutter system.

Bobcat trenching machine cutter system consists of a number of parts including the chain, sprocket, and the teeth. However, the most critical part of all is the teeth. That is why it is essential to ensure that you have the right teeth for your trenching machine. However, when it comes to selecting the kind of teeth that you need for your trenching machine, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider. Here is the key thing that should help you get the best teeth for you bobcat trenching machine:

Size of the Machine

The first thing that you need you to consider is the size of the machine. Bobcat has a vast range of trenching machine meant to deliver in various conditions. There are the larger heavy duty machines mostly for commercial use and the small trenching machine usually for domestic or small-scale use. All these machines are different in all aspects including power and the kind of teeth. Therefore, you must get it right teeth depending on the trencher that you are working. Get the right category that the trencher is so that you can have the right bobcat trencher teeth for it.

Ground Condition

The ground condition is another factor that will greatly determine the kind of bobcat trencher teeth you need to your machine. There are various types of grounds that you will come across while trenching. But that depends on the kind of trench digging that you are doing. However, soft soil, compact soil, and rocky soils are the most common. Each of the bobcat trencher teeth sets is designed for specific conditions. But there are more versatile teeth that can be used for some conditions. Therefore, you need to know the ground conditions that you are working on.

Quality of Teeth

Quality of teeth is a crucial factor while selecting teeth for your bobcat trencher. The grade of the material used is the best measure of quality. However, the level of quality matters with the nature of trench digging. Value for money is the most important thing. Although the highest grade of tungsten carbide tip is recommended, in some conditions such as soft soils, it may not be necessary to invest in such conditions. However, there are versatile teeth that can be used for various conditions.

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