Why Mulcher Teeth “Base” Is Crucial

Why Mulcher Teeth “Base” Is Crucial

While talking about mulcher teeth, the most mentioned part is the carbide tip. But what most people fail to understand, especially the newbies, is that the “base” of the teeth is also critical in the overall performance of the teeth. In most cases, you will find out that the base is made from a different kind of material such as forged or high-quality alloys of steel. There is a reason why these materials are the most recommended.

There are several reasons why the base of the mulcher tooth is crucial. Most of these reasons rotate allowed the effectiveness of the teeth in various mulching conditions. We are going to look at the main reasons why you should take the condition of the teeth of the base seriously. Check out the following:

Teeth Strength

Mulcher attachments are powered by the prime driver for the machine to work. The prime mover or the power source generates pressure which is exceptionally high to clear the vegetation. If the base of the teeth is not strong enough to withstand the pressure exposed to it, then the teeth are likely to break. Therefore, you need to check the rigidity of the base to ensure that you are getting the right teeth. Teeth rigidity is about the strength of a tooth to withstand high pressure produced by the power source. Therefore, make sure that you’ve checked the material used and the design. Blocky teeth are highly recommended for tough conditions.

Support to the Carbide Tip

Although the carbide shank is the main cutting part, they highly depend on the base to the teeth. In an ideal situation, a huge amount of heat and pressure is produced at the tip of the teeth. The heat produced at the carbide should be removed quickly to ensure that it does not destroy the carbide teeth. The only that you can ensure that this heat is drained away is by having a good teeth base. The steel must be of the highest quality to transfer the heat efficiently. The base must also absorb the pressure  produced at the tip of the teeth. That is how support of the teeth carbide tip is achieved.

These are two reasons why the base of the mulcher teeth is a critical factor to consider. As a part of the teeth, it is crucial for the performance of the teeth. Therefore, if you need the teeth to work correctly, make sure that you have checked the condition of the base.

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