Why Soil Condition Matters While Selecting Auger Teeth

Why Soil Condition Matters While Selecting Auger Teeth

Among the many factors that are considered while selecting auger teeth is the soil condition or the ground condition. That is because there is a variety of auger teeth in the market as well as different types of soils. However, the variety if the soil mostly differs with the kind drilling and more so the depth of drilling. For the person doing pole digging, the kind of auger teeth they need is different from foundation drilling or sinking borehole.

There are numerous reasons why the condition of the soil is crucial while selecting auger teeth. Here are some of the major reason why you need to take into account this factor before placing an order. Check out the following:

Extent of Wear

The biggest threat to auger teeth is the soil it is drilling. If the soil is abrasive, compact or rocky, then you will have a problem with auger teeth wearing down really quick. That will happen if you buy the wrong teeth for that kind of soil. Each spoil has the kind of auger teeth that excels most for them. If you buy teeth for soft soil and use them on rocky and abrasive condition, then you will experience a high rate of wear in you don’t make changes. In such cases, cutter teeth are wearing down really fast. The result will be an increased cost of maintenance and operations. That is why soil condition is a crucial matter to consider while buying auger teeth.

Teeth Lifespan

How long can your auger teeth serve you? As mentioned above, the rate of wear of teeth is greatly determined by the condition they are exposed to. If you have the right auger teeth for the condition you are working in, then they will last for long. But if you have wrong teeth, such as sand auger teeth drilling rocky conditions, the lifespan of the teeth is likely to be reduced significantly. Therefore, you need to check the type of soil you are working on for you to enjoy a longer lifespan and also reduce the cost of operation due to frequent change of teeth.

Performance and production

The performance and output of the auger teeth are also greatly influenced by the type of soil they are used on.  You need to have the right teeth for your drilling machine to reach peak performance. If you are using wrong teeth, their cutting performance will be reduced. That will result in a poor performance which is equivalent to decreased production. Therefore, for your auger teeth to hit maximum performance and productivity, they must be used on the right surface condition.

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