Things You Can Do With 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

Things You Can Do With 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

There are many sizes of hydraulic press machine in the industry. This is because there are all kinds of press tasks, and not all of them need the same compression force. One of the most popular sizes is the 20 ton hydraulic press. These are small but powerful hydraulic presses that can be used for a range of application.

So what can you do with a 20 ton hydraulic press? Well, there is a wide range of things and products that these machines can produce. Here are some of the things that you do with these machines:

Forming Small Parts

There are many things that you can manufacture with 20 ton hydraulic press. Have you ever thought what is used to make some of the small packaging containers such as cigarette containers? These are some of the small products that these machines can be used to form. A 20 ton hydraulic press would be perfect for manufacturer food packaging containers and beverage containers, among many other products.

Punching Things

The other thing you can use 20 ton hydraulic press is punching various materials to produce holes. A good example is the punching of the metal sheets to holes for various uses. For these machines, you need a punch that’s fitted with a sharp object to make holes. Note that punching is one of the forming processes that can also produce end products. Other materials that can be punched include papers.

Crushing Things

One of the things that 20 ton hydraulic press machines are used for is crushing things. If you have something that you want to disassemble, then these are the perfect machines for this kind of work. A good example is crushing bearing to remove it or service. To remove the castle nuts and the inner race, you need to knock out the outer race. This requires a lot of compression power and but a 20 ton hydraulic press can produce it.


A 20 ton hydraulic press would be the perfect machine small products blanking. Blanking is another forming process through which geometric or flat shapes are formed from coils of metal sheets or blanks. The process uses a punch and dies to produce the required blanks. Note that other forming processes blanking as one of the initial processes. So, you can make all kinds of blanks you need from these machines.